- Are You Man Enough !

February and March Video Shoots, Feel The HEAT! 
If you think you have what it takes to be in one of our videos then now is the time to let us know. February and March we will be shooting in studio, Master Stephen Private Dungeon and at the Woodshed all here in Orlando.

I am also pleased to say we have joined forces with SavageTalonMedia to help with the casting and to direct several of their video projects. 

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Welcome to, we are a web community dedicated to those men for whom the pleasure derived from being submissive is not a game but rather a lifestyle.  In the same way we are a community dedicated to men like myself for whom domination is also a lifestyle.
We are not here for those men who enjoy dressing up in leather because they think it makes them look “HOT”. It is about Men of confidence exerting there natural power and energy. It is about men who live there lives to serve that natural confidence, power and energy.
We are a community that believes in the practice of safe sexual practices at all times and encourages our readers and members to first and foremost respect themselves and these with whom they are seeking pleasure.
We believe that the acts of submission and dominance should always be practiced with a safe word and with those you trust fully.
Are you man enough to find Submissive Pleasure, man enough to give yourself over to another for their pleasure and your own? is not about sexual orientation but rather about the pleasure of men both submissive and Dominant.
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