Submissive Pleasure Productions - Are You Man Enough !

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We are also interested in men who would like to be considered for our video productions.  If you or someone you know would be interested in being a photo and or video model for let us hear from you.  
Fill out the form below, use the comment section to tell us what leather experience you have and what you would bring to a shoot with out photographer.
You will also need to attach at least one RECENT photo. If you are unable to attach a photo to the form  please feel free to send it after the form with your name and email address to
Orlando, Florida - on-going by appointment


If you want to be a model with Submissive Pleasure Productions Send the following information along with at least two current photos showing face and full body to

Model Search Form
Full Legal Name
Stage Name
Age/Date of Birth
Personal Stats
Address, City, State and Zip Code
Email address
URL if you have one
Phone/voice contact REQUIRED
What is your experiance in the Leather, kink and bondage lifestyle

Send along with at least two current photos of your face and full body to 

Special Casting for A GANG BANG
Watch this sub begging to get gang banged in one of out up-coming videos and let us know if you are vers or top to join in the fun. 


We are specifically casting for men of muscle to do video work both solo and man on man shooting. Payment offered based on your skill level and performance flexibility. The kinkier the better!
Gentleman please I know that the body is made up of muscles but that does not make you MUSCULAR!

If you have issues with the submission form please send your information to