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The Ninth Circle  
is a membership community for Education and Socialization within the Leather and Fetish lifestyle

955 W Taft Vineland Road, unit F
Orlando FL 32824

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The Intention of The Ninth Circle...

A 4000 square foot Private Membership Club
The Ninth Circle is a private membership club for those persons interested in expressing social nudism, including the expression of the Leather and fetish arts. The Ninth Circle is an association of persons for social, recreational and educational purpose which exists primarily to foster friendship and a common unity among its members and within the Leather Lifestyle. 

Our Goals are:

A: To create a viable source for education and educational forums for our members.
B: To facilitate an active and open dialog among members concerning the growth of the leather community for all persons.

C: To create a network of communication for meeting and interacting with others of a like mind. 

D: To assist in bringing about a structured protocol for safe meeting and interactions.

E: To establish a network within our community that will keep track of the growth of our leather community, as well as the potential growth of the leather community here in Orlando and Central Florida. 

F: To preserve an archive of truth and integrity.