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Submissive Pleasure Productions,

Master Stephen


Producer & Director

Photographing the true images of men,from the intimate to the OUTRAGEOUS!

Classic Man Photography(now submissive pleasure productions)

Has been capturing the true images of men for over 30 years. We are proud of our reputation for bringing a truth of spirit to the our work. It is the art of man fully alive that we hold as our hallmark.

We are based in Orlando, Florida and continue to seek out men who would like to open themselves up to the eye of our photographer and the art of our cameras.

We are about creating truth in our work, we are about giving our viewers the chance to see men, real men of all ages and social standings.

We photograph male nudes not as a sexual comment but rather as an expression of life at it's fullest.

Classic Man Photography has been creating Male nude and erotic art for well over 25 year in both still and video form. In the Fall of 2010 Classic Man created its first “Leather Man’s Calendar” and by the end of 2011 had a full line of calendars, cards, t-shirts and other BDSM items geared to those interested in the art of the male nude with just a bit of kink thrown in for good measure.

It was from those first Leather and Bondage shoots with Classic Man that Submissive Pleasure was created and we continue to work together to bring the ART OF MAN to our collective work. We can assure you that you have only seen a small amount of the work we have already shot and we continue to look for men, such as yourself, to continue of still and video presentation.

If you or someone you know would be interested in being apart of one of our photo or video shoots please contact is at either

you can also fill out the model search form on this website

Visit Our Clips For Sale Store by clicking here

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